Aunt Darlene's Surprise Lily Bulb - 3 bulbs-$15.00

Aunt Darlene's Surprise Lily Bulb - 3 bulbs-$15.00
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(Lycoris squamigera) A favorite in U.S. gardens since the late 1880s, the tall lance-like foliage is produced and then disappears in early summer, and pretty pink fragrant flowers rise 2-3 feet on tall completely bare stalks in mid-summer (late July). Deer proof, very showy, and hardy through even the coldest winters! Our original bulbs came from our Aunt Darlene who has grown these in Chicago for as long as she can remember. Plant in fall or spring in well-drained soil in an area that receives at least six hours of sun each day. Will bloom the first year after planting but full blooms should be expected starting in the second year. Bulbs will split and should be divided every few years. Select 'bulb shipping' at check-out - flat rate for shipping is $15.00 per bulb order (regardless of how many bulbs purchased the shipping charge is the same). 3 bulbs/$15.00