Carrots have been grown as a cultivated crop for thousands of years. Garden type carrots reached Europe (from their origins in the Middle East) by the 1600s. The French selected many fancy varieties including the Nantes types (named for their city of origin in France).

Scarlet Nantes Carrot
(Daucus carota ) Nantes are medium sized (up to 6 inches), crisp, juicy, and blunt tipped. Excellent variety! Most/full sun. 100+ seeds
Paris Market Carrot
(Daucus carota ) Paris Market is a French heirloom dating to the 1800s prized for its 1-2 inch spherical shape and sweet flavor. Excellent for clay or rocky soil as well as containers - places where long carrots have trouble develpping. Most/full sun. 50+ seeds
Little Fingers Carrot
(Daucus carota) Little Fingers is a true baby carrot harvest when just 3-5 inches long. Carrots are classic orange, inch across. Most/full sun. 50+ seeds
Atomic Red Carrot
(Daucus carota ) Atomic Red produces large carrots with more lycopene than other varieties and are used primarily as a cooked carrot the flavor is enhanced by cooking and the color is actually more vivid. Most/full sun. 50+ seeds
Cosmic Purple Carrot
(Daucus carota) Introduced in 2005, Cosmic Purple carrots are purple skinned with an orange core. 5-7 inches, sweet and crisp. Harvest when 5-7 inches. Most/full sun. 50+ seeds.
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