Castor Beans

Castor Beans
Castor Bean seeds have been found buried in the sarcophagi of the Egyptian pharaohs who used castor oil in their lamps. Thomas Jefferson grew Castor Beans at Monticello. Plant seeds in warm conditions.
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Giant Castor Bean Mix
(Ricinus communis) These are the giant castor beans, that can reach 15 feet in one season from seed. They provide an instant tropical effect in the garden - some leaves can reach 3 feet in diameter! Most/full sun - 10-15 feet - Annual - 8 seeds
Carmencita Pink Castor Bean
(Ricinus communis) Carmencita Pink has pretty hot pink pods and grey/green leaves with a compact habit. Most/full sun. Annual. 5-6 feet. 8 seeds
Giant Red Castor Bean
(Ricinus communis) Giant Red Castor Beans feature beautiful crimson foliage and crimson red seed pods. Most/full sun. Annual. 5-6 feet. 8 seeds
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