Lima Beans / Butterbeans

Lima Beans / Butterbeans
Cultivated for thousands of years, Lima Beans were grown in both East Coast and Southwestern Native American tribes along with corn. Adopted by the early settlers, they have been popular ever since. Many varieties of lima beans are called Butterbeans a reference to their rich, buttery flavor.

Henderson Bush Baby Lima Bean
(Phaseolus lunatus) This is a bush variety introduced in 1889 and prized for high production of baby lima beans that can be used green (fresh) or white (dried). Full of rich, buttery flavor! Most/full sun. 12-18 inches. 20+ seeds
Black Pot Liquor Bean
(Phaseolus lunatus) This is a hard to find heirloom from Kentucky traditionally cooked in the 'pot liquor' - the liquid left after cooking greens or beans in a pot. Beans are produced on tall plants (pole type) that are highly productive. Beans are small lima beans- up to a half inch long when dried and mature. Harvest some beans to use fresh during the summer, save some to mature on the plants until dry. Most/full sun. 20+ seeds.
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King of the Garden Lima Bean
(Phaseolus lunatus) King of the Garden is a variety that was introduced in 1883 in New Haven, Connecticut. The plants are tall (up to 9 feet) and vigorous. Large (8-10 inches) pods will produce 5-6 large (1/2 to 3/4 inch) creamy white beans used traditionally after they have dried in the pods. Excellent, productive variety. Most/full sun. 15 seeds
Jackson Wonder Bush Lima Bean
(Phaseolus lunatus) Jackson Wonder was introduced in 1888 and has been a favorite since plants are compact and heavily produce lima beans with a rich flavor versatile and easy to grow. Most/full sun. 12-18 inches. 20 seeds
Christmas Lima Bean
(Phaseolus lunatus) Christmas Lima is a pole type - the plants will climb! Beans are large (1/2 to 1 inch long) and keep their rich burgundy patterns when cooked - very pretty with an excellent nutty flavor. Full sun. 10 seeds/pack. Will climb to 7/8 feet.