Nicotianas - Tobacco

Nicotianas - Tobacco
Grown as ornamentals or to produce tobacco leaves for use in smoking or chewing, all varieties of Nicotiana are highly attractive to hummingbirds and make a strong statement in the garden. Seeds should be planted in warm conditions.

Jasmine Tobacco - Nicotiana alata
(Nicotiana alata) This is the heirloom sweetly fragranced Nicotiana grown in the US since the 1800s that has become hard to find. The upright star shaped pure white flowers open fully in the evenings to release their sweet jasmine fragrance. Flowering freely from mid summer through frost, plant near a porch so that the scent can be enjoyed in warm summer evenings. Most/full sun - Reseeding Annual - 3-4 feet - 100+ seeds.
Only the Lonely Nicotiana
(Nicotiana sylvestris) Only the Lonely (or Flowering Tobacco) is a native of South America that was introduced to US gardens in 1899. It was an instant hit and still is prized as a necessary plant in the garden. The large handsome rosette of leaves approaches 3-4 feet across. White tubular flowers hang from tall bloom stalks and release their sweet fragrance in the evenings. Most/full sun - Reseeding Annual - 3-5 feet - 100+ seeds.
Crimson King Nicotiana
(Nicotiana alata) Selected from the old white Jasmine Tobacco (Nicotiana alata) in the 1930s, Crimson King provides a pretty backdrop to dress up any border. Lightly fragranced, the blooms are perfectly star-shaped and an elegant, antique red color. Blooming from mid-summer through frost and flowering freely, Crimson King is a new favorite. Most/full sun - Reseeding Annual - 3-4 feet - 100+ seeds.
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Perique Tobacco
(Nicotiana tabacum) This is a historic smoking variety grown by Native Americans of Louisiana. A great conversation piece and stunning in the garden, native hummingbirds and moths are highly attracted as well. Full sun. 4-6 feet. 100+ seeds/pack
Burley Tobacco
(Nicotiana tabacum) Native to the US, tobacco became a worldwide export and important historic plant from the beginning of the original colonies. This is a historic burley smoking variety which also happens to be a great conversation piece and stunning in the garden. Native hummingbirds and moths are highly attracted as well. 6-8 feet. Full sun. Re-seeding annual. 100+ seeds.
Madole Dark Tobacco
(Nicotiana tabacum) Madole is a narrow leaved tobacco that produces leaves that cure well and produce the dark tobacco used in cigars and pipes. Native hummingbirds and moths are highly attracted as well. 4-6 feet. Full sun. Reseeding annual. 100+ seeds.
Havana Tobacco
(Nicotiana tabacum) This is the famous historic tobacco - a favorite for smoking in cigars and also as a chewing tobacco. Also a great conversation piece and hummingbird favorite. Most/full sun. Reseeding annual. 4-6 feet. 100+ seeds.
Cherokee Ceremonial Tobacco
(Nicotiana rustica) Smaller than the N. tabacum varieties, N. rustica is a potent ceremonial tobacco grown by many cultures around the world. Seeds for this variety came from the Cherokee of North Carolina. Grow as an interesting ornamental - not recommended for use as a smoking tobacco but is often used in natural pesticides! Most/full sun. Annual. 2-3 feet. 100+ seeds