Poppies put on a beautiful show in early summer - after the spring bulbs are done but before most of the summer garden is in bloom. Poppies are beautiful in groups and will bloom in early summer and then reseed each year on their own. The seed pods dry perfectly for use in dried crafts. Seeds were brought to the US by early settlers and grown in early gardens. Seeds should be planted in cold conditions - from November through late April.

Shirley Poppy Mix
(Papaver rhoeas) Developed by a breeder (Reverend Wilkes) in the late 1800s, Shirley Poppies are a fancy selection of the European native Corn Poppy. This is a gorgeous mix of fancy blooms in mauves, pinks, red, and white. The delicate ethereal blooms are heavily produced throughout the month of May. Most/full sun - Reseeding Annual - 2 feet - 200+ seeds/pack.
American Legion Poppy
Papaver rhoeas The memorial flower of the American Legion since 1921, blooms of these poppies covered the fields of Europe in the spring of 1919. Kept from blooming by the disturbances of the first World War, when they finally were able to bloom they did so in such abundance that they were seen as a remembrance of those who had been lost. Gorgeous. 12-16 inches. Full sun. Re-Seeding annual. 200+ seeds.
Uncle Butch's Poppy
(Papaver species) These single poppies have been selected from our Aunt Patty’s double poppies. The single form is gorgeous in its own right and will feed bees and then birds during late spring. Named after Patty’s husband, our Uncle Max “Butch” Allbery, these poppies are from a line grown by the Allbery family in south - eastern Ohio beginning in the 1940s. . Full sun. 200+ seeds/pack. 2-3 feet.
Breadseed Poppy
(Papaver species) These early summer bloomers produce beautiful flowers in shades of lilac, pinks, and white. The blooms are pretty enough but they are followed by seed pods full of edible poppy seeds, for use in baking. Most/full sun - Reseeding Annual - 2-3 feet - 200+ seeds.
Danish Flag Poppy
Papaver species Danish Flag’s blooms are a beautiful red with a striking white “cross” made up of splotches on each of the petals. Rarely seed variety. 2-3 feet. Full sun. Reseeding Annual. 200+ seeds.
Black Cloud Peony Poppy
Black Cloud poppy booms are 4-5 inches across and deep maroon and purple - almost black. Fully doubled with varying amounts of frilling. Striking contrast when paired with pinks or whites. 2-3 feet. Full sun. Re-seeding Annual. 200+ seeds.
White Cloud Peony Poppy
Papaver species White Cloud poppies are breathtaking in early summer - booms are 4-5 inches across and pure white. Fully doubled with varying amounts of frilling. Poppies are beautiful in groups and will reseed each year on their own. 2-3 feet. Full sun. Re-Seeding Annual. 200+ seeds.
Giant Peony Poppy Mix
Papaver species Beautiful mix of fully double poppies in rich colors. 2-3 feet. Full sun. Re-Seeding Annual. 200+ seeds.
Aunt Patty's Poppy
(Papaver sp.) These pretty poppies are an heirloom from the hills of southeastern Ohio. Our great aunt Patty Allbery grew them for decades from seed passed down by her mother, Virginia who grew them originally in her garden in New Straitsville beginning in the 1940s. Fully doubled gorgeous cherry red blooms are produced in early summer. Pretty! 2-3 feet. Full sun. Reseeding annual. 200+ seeds
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