A cultivated vegetable for at least 3000 years, cucumbers were grown year round by the Romans. Native Americans added cucumbers to their gardens after their introduction by the Spaniards. Later, cucumbers were brought along by US settlers.

Yamato Japanese Cucumber
Cucumis sativus The Yamato Cucumber is a Japanese variety known for its length (up to 3 feet but best used when 2 feet long) and excellent flavor. Mild, crisp with a small seed cavity, this is an amazing cucumber! Vining cucumber - will need support. Most/full sun. 20+ seeds/pack.
Boston Pickling Cucumber
Boston Pickling is a heavy producer of classic pickling cucumbers – crisp and thin-skinned – harvest when 3-6 inches. Vining cucumber - will need support. Most/full sun. 20+ seeds.
Marketer Cucumber
(Cucumis sativus)) Marketer has been a favorite in the US since 1943. Classic for both fresh eating and for pickling. Yum! Vining cucumber, will need supprt/caged. Vining type - will climb to 5 feet. Most/full sun. 20+ seeds
Spacemaster Cucumber
(Cucumis sativus) Spacemaster produces 7-8 inch cucumbers on short (2-3 foot) vines – perfect for containers or small spaces. Most/full sun. 20+ seeds
White Wonder Cucumber
(Cucumis sativus) White Wonder has been available since 1893 – cucumbers are mild, 6-7 inches long, and white with a classic crisp cucumber flavor. Will climb to 5 feet. Most/full sun. 20 seeds
Mouse Melon
(Melothria scabra) Also called Mexican Sour Gherkins, these tiny (each is the size of a grape!) melons taste like sour cucumbers. Perfect addition to fresh salads, the tiny melons are produced on tall vines all summer. First described in the 1860s by a French botanist, Mouse Melons have been eaten and used medicinally in Central America for thousands of years. Most/full sun. climbs to 8 feet. 15 seeds
Striped Armenian 'Cucumber'
Cucumis melo Called “Snake Melons” in the Middle East, these cucumbers are actually a type of melon. Introduced to Italy by the 1500s, Armenian cucumbers can reach up to three feet long but are best harvested when 12-16 inches long. This striped variety will need trellised to produce straight cucumbers. Flavor is mild, skin is thin, and seeds are small. Vining melon - will need support. Most/full sun. 10 seeds/pack.
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Lemon Cucumber
(Cucumis sativus) Lemon Cucumbers have been a favorite for more than 100 years- cucumbers are 2-3 inches across with thin yellow skin and excellent fresh cucumber flavor. Will climb to 5 feet. Most/full sun. 20+ seeds